3D Printing Services

At 3D Printers Online we offer consultation, design, and printing services to help our customers realise their design concepts. We specialise in one-off prototypes through to small to medium production runs.

Printing Technology Selection

3D Printers Online sells, repairs and provides printing services employing 3D printers at the cutting edge of the technology. Our printing services employ both filament-based Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and Resin based Stereolithography (SLA) printers to render the best result for the application. Please contact us to discuss your application needs.

Quantity and delivery

3D Printers Online can provide services where no project is too big or too small. Our print farm using the latest in 3D printing technology can be scaled in-house at short notice to satisfy the most demanding print job requirements. Contact out team of experts to discuss you design and printing challenges.


3D Design Consulting

Many customers have a vision for an item to solve a problem or create a product. Not all customers however, know how to take their vision through the entire workflow. At 3D Printers Online, we have the experience, the technology and the consumables to assist.

3D Modelling

The first step in the process is to design your model. The model must of course solve your problem but also importantly, it must be designed in such a way that it can be printed using 3D printing technology. Considerations such as surface finish, material and mechanical properties, chemical and weather exposure, size and print volume can be applied by our experts. You can model the item yourself, have it modelled by a third party or take advantage of our in-house capability.


Material Selection

3D Printers Online has an enormous range of chemical compositions and colours to suit any number of demanding applications. Material selection has any number of implications to the design and printing workflow. Our team of experts are available to discuss your application and provide guidance in the manufacture of successful and cost-effective parts.


To assist us in assessing your requirements you should consider the following when talking to us about your requirements.

  • Do you have a design, or do you require assistance with creating your 3D model?
  • What are the requirements of your application? Is it a mechanical part that requires tight tolerances?
  • Does it require mechanical strength or wear resistance? Is it simply a stand-alone decorative item?
  • What environment with the item be exposed to? For example, is it exposed to the weather, exposed to moisture or chemicals, or is it protected and placed in an indoor environment?
  • Is the part in contact with food?
  • What surface finish is required? Does the model have a high level of fine detail?
  • What colour would you like?